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When to enrol?

All puppies are required to have their first C3 vaccination.
The critical window for puppy socialisation is around 6-18wks.
Classes fill quickly so enquire early or book online today!
If the current class is full you will need to wait for the next commencing class.

"Holly" | Basenji 2021


4 week course | 1 hour each week.
Monday Afternoons. Book online or enquire today as class times vary. 

4:30-5:30pm | 5:30-6:30pm


Outdoor grassed area
30 Princes Highway KOGARAH


$160 for the full 4-week course.

To confirm your puppies position, payment must be made.


Don’t wait to book, we only take puppies from 7-16 weeks of age. 

Classes fill quickly - up to 8 puppies per class.


Why is puppy preschool important?

A new puppy is very exciting and requires a lot of time, care and attention.

Puppy preschool can help support you with vital information during this crazy time! 

Your puppy will be introduced and socialised with new friends in a safe environment. Missing out on this important step can lead to fearful, aggressive and unwanted behaviours. 

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