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Meet the Team of Trainers


Angelique Howe | Puppy Instructor

2017 Certificate II In Animal Studies ​

2018 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

2022: B Science / B Advanced Studies in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, majoring in Animal Disease Health and Welfare, First Class Honours. 


I grew up in the Southern Highlands, Robertson with a lot of different breeds of dog. It still interests me today seeing how different dogs learn, play and grow. I also volunteered for a year at the RSPCA where I was able to develop some behavioural management techniques. My honours project was in canine behaviour post adoption and owner expectations. 

Gaby Sabatino | Puppy Instructor

2016 Certificate II In Animal Studies ​
2017 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 
2021: B Natural Science / B Animal Science with Disctinction. 
I've woked in the animal industry for over 8yrs in different roles and have been lucky enough to work not only with small animals but within a zoo as well. I enjoy using my background in Emergency and Intensive critical care vet nursing to bring a unique perspective sharing first aid tips, toxic food/plants, co-operative care techniques and nutrition to puppy school.

I'm passionate about helping new puppy parents set their puppies up for success and become skilled confident guardians so they can truly raise their dream dog. 

I have an adolescent sheepdog x poodle; "Spice", who came into my work surrended then quickly became the spice of my life. She has helped me become a better handler through her complex medical/behavioural history and sparked my interest in competitive dog sports.


Ruby Sweet | Puppy Class Assistant

Hey, I’m Ruby! One of my favourite parts of my week is coming to puppy preschool and helping owners with their training technique when teaching their puppies new commands.

I am a trainee here at puppy preschool and I enjoy developing my skills as a trainer. I have a labrador called Ziggy at home and he turned 3 years old this year. I always look forward to meeting all the new adorable pups! 

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